The BMC proudly presents GRoW: Global Roots of Wellness! 

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Parking Directions

Free parking will be available in  lot 104 (East Remote,) and in lots 111 & 119 (Crown & Merrill lots.) 

To find these lots, starting from the main entrance continue up Coolidge Drive, 

To get to the East Remote (A spacious and free lot,) take a left onto Hagar and then the first available right into the parking lot. From the East Remote, a walking path will take you up past the East Field and into Stevenson College (stick just to the right of the buildings under construction.) Stevenson Event Center is on the west side of Stevenson college. 

To get to the Merrill Lot (a smaller lot that is much closer to the event,) continue up Coolidge Drive from the main entrance, and take it all the way until it turns into McLaughlin Drive. From here, Stevenson College will be to your left, where parking will be available for $4, or you may drop off participants. Merrill Parking Lot is just past Stevenson College, just take Merrill Road (the first right after the Stevenson Parking Lot. 

To get to the Crown Parking Lot, travel up Coolidge Drive from the main entrance. After a sharp turn it will become McLaughlin Drive, continue on McLaughlin past a set of stop signs and take a right onto Chinquapin Road, Crown Parking Lot will be on your right. 

A parking map for campus is available here: 



If you have trouble finding parking, or are confused by the directions, call Conference Coordinator Joe Krempetz at (650) 450-0665 or e-mail Joe at jkrempet@ucsc.edu    


Dear Visitors,

The Brain, Mind & Consciousness (BMC) Society is an interdisciplinary student organization committed to student­directed education and exploration of human cognition, behavior, and experience and their applications toward a just and sustainable future. Our purpose is to build a diverse network of students who are interested in contributing to stimulating conversation on topics pertaining to the brain, mind, and consciousness. We aspire to enlist established guest speakers from UCSC and other universities or organizations related to our innate human curiosities.

Formed by student organizers in Fall Quarter 2011, it was envisioned as a space for collaboration between peers to facilitate educational presentations and discussions. The first year following its conception, the BMC hosted over 15 educational events, some attended by more than 100 students, led by such diverse speakers as Dr. Jim Garrison of Wisdom University, Dr. David Deamer of Jack Baskin School of Engineering, and Van Jones who worked under the Obama administration to promote green energy jobs.

Since then, the BMC has continued its commitment to offering top ­tier educational events, such as its weekly facilitated small discussions Conscious Conversations. In Winter of 2013, the BMC offered its first academically accredited course: a 5 ­unit student led seminar through Cowell College. This seminar surveyed topics such as introductory physics, chemistry, biology, and neuroscience and applied these fields toward psychology, social justice, environmentalism and philosophy. The student ­led seminar was so successful it has been repeated twice, led by various student leaders of the BMC in Spring 2013 and Winter 2014. Also in Spring of 2013, the BMC hosted a 6­ day conference on achieving human sustainability by understanding human behavior and social systems. The conference featured workshops, exhibitions from on and off­ campus organizations, and keynote speakers such as Dr. David Presti of UC Berkeley and Dr. Matthew Johnson of John Hopkins. The BMC is currently planning another conference for Spring 2014­­ GRoW: Global Roots of Wellness, which will focus on cultivating change from the inside ­out. 

We perceive the traditional college course to be of a passive nature; a student sits, confined to a large lecture hall listening quietly as slides of information are presented. The model of education we abide by requires memorization and regurgitation of facts and theories while at times discouraging creativity. Establishing the foundation of our fields of study is important, however, at the BMC we aspire for more. By actively participating in our education, we can achieve levels of excellence never reached through just the mainstream model alone.

Another challenge we must overcome as students is caused by the lack of cohesion between the “hard” sciences and “soft” sciences. It is vital to hold a space for different fields of study to converge and coalesce, thereby attracting engaged students with clearly distinct intellectual pursuits, interests, and beliefs. Naturally, at times our ideas align non-harmoniously, however by listening with respect to each other––our educational experience becomes exponentially enhanced. Through the unity of our collective thought, we create an enlivening environment to learn, grow, and better our academic community.

Join and connect with us as to share our knowledge together. We welcome you to learn more about the BMC by visiting our archives of past meetings or come in person to one of our upcoming events.

With a warm and welcoming spirit,

David Shugar, President
Jessica Hodson, Vice President